Other Features

Ignoring Files

You may have files in your source directory that aren’t supposed to go onto the website. Or you may have a text file (like Yahoo’s verification file) that shouldn’t get turned into HTML. You can tell awb to ignore these files using two special files in the root of your website source.

Files listed here are totally ignored by awb. This file is simply a list of filenames on new lines. The filename can use the unix glob syntax (* and friends).
Files listed here are copied straight to the HTML output directory. As with the ignore list, this is a list of filenames on new lines, and uses the glob syntax.


If AsciiDoc or Tidy exit with an error or a warning, the input that generated the error or warning is left in siteroot/asciidoc or siteroot/tidy respectively. This enables you to discover what’s wrong with the input, and hopefully to fix it.