AsciiDoc Website Builder

AsciiDoc Website Builder combines simple but powerful AsciiDoc markup with templates, blog and image gallery generation, and sitemap.xml generation to allow you to easily maintain and update a website.

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What problems does AsciiDoc Website Builder solve?

You have a website. It doesn’t need to be a fancy-pants database-driven site: there’s no forums, no comments, no wiki, and it doesn’t need collaboration among unskilled contributors. In short, it’s for publishing, not interaction.

But when you go to build it, there are several problems.

  • You’ve decided that you want a common look to your whole site. You’re not really keen on keeping the header, navigation, footer, etc. consistent between the pages by hand. You’re thinking of using PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP, or some other server-side technology to do that for you.
  • Perhaps you don’t like any of the GUI HTML software. It makes a mess of your code, it’s slow and inefficient. But hand-coding the HTML is slow, prone to errors, and makes your document unreadable outside a browser.
  • You’d like to have a simple blog, with a recent posts list and table of contents. Keeping those up to date is going to be really annoying.
  • Maybe you’d like to post some photos on the ’net. But the repetitive grunt-work of building pages for each and every image, along with a contents page, makes you want to bash your head against the wall.
  • Maybe you already have your site’s content in AsciiDoc format. AsciiDoc will convert it to HTML, but how are you going to integrate it into a website?

This is where AsciiDoc Website Builder really shines, by:

  • Using AsciiDoc as its document format. AsciiDoc is readily translated into HTML, and is very human-readable.
  • Applying templates to each page of your site, for a consistent look.
  • Generating a “breadcrumb trail” – your location in the site.
  • Generating a blog index page, contents page, and timestamps for each post.
  • Generating HTML files for a list of images.
  • Generating a sitemap.xml file, to help Google and Yahoo index your site more easily.
  • Using a smart, make-like build, so that only changed files are regenerated

Take a look at the feature list to see what else awb can do for you.

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