Directory Configuration

Each directory in the source tree may contain a configuration file named awbdir.conf. This file specifies directory-specific options to be used by awb.

It will look something like this:

[dir setup]
type: normal
name: AsciiDoc Website Builder

awbdir.conf options cascade from a directory to its children. If awbdir.conf is not specified for a directory, the options from its parent will be used. This is quite convenient, as child directories need only override the parent options that do not apply. The only exception is the directory name, which does not cascade. Instead, the actual directory name is added to the parent’s name if one is not supplied.

[dir setup] section

can be one of ’normal’, ’blog’, or ’gallery’. ’normal’ is the default. The meaning of the types is explained here.
A descriptive name of the directory, as shown in the breadcrumb trail and auto-generated index.html file.

[blog] section

This section defines settings used if the directory type is blog.

num main posts
The number of posts to show on the index.html page of the blog.
num recent posts
The number of post titles to show in the “recent posts” list, and also the number of magazine titles to show in the “recent magazines” list.

[user] section

Here you can define any option you like. It can be referred to in the template. This is useful when you want to use the same template across the site, but change small parts of it (eg. an image).