Software I’ve written

It seems that you can’t be a geek these days without publishing a bit of software. Anyway, I’ve written the stuff, and sharing is a good thing to do.

This is all Free Software (GPL licensed) – it’s a way to say “thanks” for all the awesome Free and Open Source Software I use daily.

If you find any of these programs useful, give something back.

Graphical programs


Revelation is presentation software. Its strength is its simplicity and themeability.

Revelation homepage

Photo Shrink icon Photo-shrink

Photo-shrink reduces the filesize of photos and other images. It also removes metadata. Both features are handy for sharing photos on the Internet.

Photo-Shrink homepage

Font Finder icon Font Finder

Font Finder helps you to choose a font from all the fonts available on your system.

Font Finder homepage

LifeQuest icon LifeQuest

LifeQuest is a TODO list manager based loosely on GTD – which means that I’ve heard some things about GTD and seen some programs which have influenced LifeQuest.

LifeQuest homepage

Command-line programs


0cms is my successor to awb. I’ve become dissatisfied with awb due in large part to the maintenance burden of a fairly large lump of code that I rarely need to look at that has been collecting bugs and needed new features. So I made 0cms, another website builder with a completely different approach to the problem.

0cms website

Asciidoc Website Builder

AsciiDoc Website Builder combines simple but powerful AsciiDoc markup with templates, blog and image gallery generation, and sitemap.xml generation to allow you to easily maintain and update a website.

awb homepage


Wildproxy allows you to run a program that takes only a single input file on multiple files, ie it allows you to use wildcards.

Wildproxy homepage

BUFE - BackUp Front End

bufe is a program that lets you specify a few parameters for a backup and then run it easily. It supports mirrors using rsync, and incremental backups using rdup, and incrementals using rsync’s hardlink feature.

Bufe is a major reason that my data is backed up – it’s so easy to use on a day-to-day basis that the job actually gets done.

BUFE homepage

udevmnt - Mount USB drives under Linux

Automatically mounting USB drives under Linux, without the use of HAL and/or DBUS

udevmnt homepage