Lunar Eclipse, October 8, 2014

On October 8, 2014 there will be a total lunar eclipse. It will be particularly convenient for Eastern Australia, because it begins just after sunset.

I’ve put together a package of information designed for parents and teachers, kinda hoping that some of the teachers at my son’s school will use it.

Download_lunar_eclipse_information_pack icon Download the lunar eclipse information pack.

What the eclipse will look like

This animated GIF file can’t be properly viewed on paper, or in a PDF, so here it is. When the Moon enters the inner circle, it is shown much brighter than it is outside, in order for us to see it more easily.

Animation of October 8, 2014 lunar eclipse

The file is licenced CC-BY-SA 3.0, © wikipedia user Tomruen. The animation may be viewed on the Wikipedia website here.