Linux tips, tricks, and scripts

Tips and Info

Rox filer mountpoint icon
Making a ROX filer mountpoint icon for your themes.
Dealing with exif headers
Programs to use when you want to use the Exif data in your digital photos.
Doing sshfs mounts via xfce4-panel launchers
Running sshfs from an xfce4 panel launcher is not as simple as you might think.
setting up udevil
Using udevil as a replacement for udevmnt.
Disabling avahi-daemon
Or, how systemd is causing more trouble.
Read-only bind mounts with systemd
It’s actually doable!
Disk Encryption in Linux
Setting up disk encryption in Linux
Entering the void
Or, my experiment with Void Linux.
Getting Void Linux to work right
The business of getting nonfunctional stuff to work.
Find and replace in Geany
Getting it to work with regexes.
Record my desktop with ffmpeg
Since I haven’t found a foolproof GUI program, I decided to try the command-line.
NetworkManager problems
How I solved NetworkManager suddenly not configuring DHCP and DNS.

Programs and Scripts

Automatically mounting removable media
Dissatisfied with the options, I made my own.
Run a program with wildcards
A script to allow you to run a single-input-file program on multiple files.
BackUp Front End
Set up a backup easily.
Reprogramming the MaKey Makey
Getting different keycodes out of the thing