I’m a casualty in the Israeli-Lebanese conflict

Bad news today – my webhost got cracked. I’m using XMGFree.com as my host, and they’re pretty good. Not bullet-proof though.

The first clue I had that something was wrong was when Pim said she couldn’t send the email. I figured that the ADSL modem hadn’t connected or something. But tonight it’s still the same. I can’t ping the mailserver, in fact I can’t even do a DNS lookup on henley.id.au.

Finally the forums at XMGNetworks revealed all. Some loser Lebanese guys have been defacing all the sites on XMGFree.com, in retaliation for Israeli attacks on Lebanon. But XMG is located in Florida! Ah well, you just can’t get sense out of some people.

Posted Monday, July 17, 2006

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