A plug for MemoryX

The last month or so has been rather hectic and not much time for blogging. Partly that’s been due to the birth of my son, but partly it’s been computer trouble.

About 12 months ago I got a 256Meg SO-DIMM from MemoryX over in the states somewhere. I chose them because there didn’t seem to be a single supplier in Australia capable of getting it to me, like, at all! Everything went OK, except that instead of PC133 memory I got PC100. I was a bit unimpressed about that, but the computer did actually work with it in, so I didn’t have much to say about it.

Well a couple of days after its first birthday, the computer started to go mad. The first sign was when my wife logged out and gdm died. Things went downhill fairly rapidly from there, and I was getting kernel panics all the time. The filesystem seemed to be corrupted, so I fsck’d it, and because things weren’t getting much better, I started from scratch, repartitioning the disk and installing everything again. Well now I had a nicely partitioned system and all fresh everything, but still random kernel panics. Finally it dawned on me to check the RAM.

Now I knew what the problem was, but really didn’t expect to get anywhere with MemoryX. Anyway I decided to contact them and claim their lifetime warranty, and the absolutely amazing thing was, they’re replaced it! My new RAM arrived today, plus it’s PC133 this time, and I am impressed. There is one company that actually backs up a claim with action. I’ll recommend them to you any day.

Posted Tuesday, January 3, 2006

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