The other day Pim and I bought a nice new wok! It also happened to be the only wok we could find anywhere that had a nice round bottom instead of a flat one. (What do Australians know about cooking anyway?). We were also trying very hard to avoid teflon coatings, so I nearly died when we opened our purchase and discovered that it was black! Fortunately, as the informational brochure inside the lid explained, it’s not teflon, but pig iron…

Iron potwares which recommended by the WHO


  1. Pig iron is made up with tiny pig iron. The funetions of heat condaction, collecting heat, radiating head are better than other materials. because there are more tiny holes. There is unsticky oil in the finy holes, so it isn’t easy to drop, and metal shovel can be used, none material can compare with it. It’s perfect.

  2. According to the physical principles, the thicker the pot is, the more heat it collects, the traditional pot is thin, when you put the vegetables in, the pot has been cold, so you can only half cook and half fry, obvionsly, it takes you more time and the food is worse in colour, taste and fragrance “Red sun” Brand pig iron die-casting cooky pot has a thick body, it can store the heat in the pot itself, so it can reduce cook time. (Fx: proportion in the cook proceeding: 2/3 time is used to heat, 1/3 time is used to cook) and the food is perfect in colour, taste and fragrance if you use “Red sun” pot.

  3. The series of fried-pot is worth to recommend to you. Because the egg, cake, meat cake, beefsteak are golden yellow after you fried with the “Red sun” pot, There is no black point and wouldn’t be burat, it accords with the European-American fried standard perfectly and the taste of the food is more delicious and fresh.

  4. When cooking, the iron pot can release iron element, iron element and salt, soda, acid and oxygen in the food can produce ferric oxide. It will take a good pole in lack iron. Anaemia if you use it frequently. It’s the special effect that other pots can’t achieve.

I’m not sure that I fully understand the Chinese English used here (isn’t it hilarious!), but I understand the wok – it’s absolutely brilliant.

Posted Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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