Why does Internet Explorer suck so much?

I got a rude shock the other day, the first time I tried to view my lovely new website in Internet Explorer. Depending on the version, I either get to see raw XML, or it prompts for a download. I should’ve known already: IE doesn’t support XHTML. Actually it does, sort-of, if you have IE6 and use HTML4.0 compatibility.

Fortunately for me I can serve slightly different pages to IE, which I will be doing very shortly. But I’d really recommend that if you’re still using it, consider changing to something else. Microsoft has consistently shown that it has no interest in producing a standards-compliant web browser, which is a right nuisance for web authors, but it’s also bad for the health of the web in general.

For the price of a download you can have Opera, Mozilla Firefox or the full Mozilla Suite, and they’re all sure to give you a better browsing experience. So give it a go. Cast your vote for an open, standards-compliant web.

Posted Wednesday, November 9, 2005

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