awb is in a critical state – foster parent needed

I guess was always going to happen. For years awb has been clanking along, and I have become more and more aware of the groans and creaks it makes. I have a bit of a list of bugs to fix, but never got around to it. This was partly because I haven’t been using awb much, and partly because I haven’t been game to take a look at the code for fear of getting stuck in a multi-hour job for a simple problem.

Enter 2019, and I needed to get a simple website off WordPress. I’ve moved to Github Pages for my hosting needs, and awb was clobbering the git repo in the output directory. So I decided to abandon my child awb and create a new one – 0cms – that hopefully fixes awb’s problems. At least it fixes the size of the source code: at the moment it’s mostly complete and only 300-odd lines of python.

So if anyone wants to see continued maintenance and development on awb, fork it or ask me to hand over the project. It’s been a good ride with awb, and a great learning experience.

Posted on Tuesday, September 10 2019

awb is moving off SourceForge

There has been quite a kerfuffle over SourceForge recently, although the problems have been brewing for years. I haven’t been very impressed with the crass commercialisation of the site, but it seems that it’s reached the tipping point. I’m no longer prepared to host any software on SourceForge, or anywhere else out of my control.

As a result, awb’s home is now here on my own website.

Posted on Sunday, June 28 2015