The samples have been removed for the moment, but they’ll be back eventually.

Using Samples

These instructions assume that you have awb installed, but have never used it and don’t know what you’re doing.

  1. Unpack the sample archive to an awb source directory, such as
  2. Create a text file /home/user/.config/awb/awb.conf with the following content:
    siteroot: /home/user/awb-sample
    asciidoc options: -d book -b html4
    tidy: true
  3. Make any changes to your awb.conf file as required by the sample.
  4. Create the directory /home/user/awb-sample/html
  5. Open a terminal window and run
    awb sample
  6. Take a look at the output in /home/user/awb-sample/html
  7. Start editing the source files and see what happens. In addition to the AsciiDoc user guide, you may find this cheatsheet handy.

awb website

Here is the awb website source as the first example. The asciidoc options specified in awb.conf are:

asciidoc options: -b html4 -d book -a icons -f /home/user/awb-sample/src/html4.conf

Download as .tar.bz2